By volunteering with Pro-Literacy Detroit, you have the opportunity to make a difference and help build a more literate society. The primary way to volunteer is to become a tutor. You become trained to assess student’s reading and writing levels, interests, and goals. You also recognize the best teaching methods and prepare lesson plans based on student’s needs. Volunteers earn a certificate of achievement upon completion of the volunteer training program.

It takes 50+ volunteers every month to make the magic happen

“I’m retired and tutoring is something to do that’s beneficial to someone else. When I volunteer, I’m not sitting around — my time is well spent here. When the students learn what they need to know, it makes me feel good.”

Bobette Jackson


Have the ability to read heavily

Have a connection to education

Commit to two hours, once per week

18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED

“I would be lost out in the streets without the tutors. It’s the training that the tutors have. They will sit down and break everything down to you so that you understand. They have patience – I love that about them…no matter what you miss, they still are going to work with you. Every last one.”

Terence Swann

Make a difference