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If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life, donating to Pro-Literacy Detroit is a way to do it. The people who come in here say, “I can’t read, I need help.” Literacy is not a handout, but rather a passport to opportunity for education, employment, quality of life, health and much more.

A man came in and wanted a driver’s license, so he got a driver’s license at 51 years old. When you can’t read, you misinterpret intentions, language and instructions. A lot of violence and misunderstanding comes from illiteracy. You can’t travel, take a plane, go to the ATM, read a menu at a restaurant, etc. So when you think about the stumbling block that being illiterate has, then you can see how it impacts everything.

The only way to get through it is the ability to read and act in society. We are always on the lookout for cutting edge materials and best practices so that a person can succeed. Our students success is what keeps us up and your donation empowers people to be contributing members of the community.

Margaret Williamson



Pro-Literacy is the oldest literary organization in Michigan, going 32 years strong.


The only literacy organization that takes 9th grade reading levels and below — the lowest who need the most help.


We serve thousands of people effectively. With over 400 volunteers, our tutoring services extend over 42,000 hours annually.


For each student that Pro-Literacy Detroit takes on, there is an estimated cost of $500 per year. Currently, we have a cap on the number of students we can help. More donations will allow us to empower more students. Your donation goes to the following areas:

Coordinated Activities with Tutors



 Online Programs

 Studying and Training Materials

Administrative Overhead

Hear from those that Pro-Literacy has helped


“I wish I could spend a night in here. I wouldn’t go home — I would spend it right here. It’s not like this at home. I gathered enough courage to step inside this building and now I’m here to get my GED. The doors are opening and I’m going to get it.”

Terence Swann


“When I first came here from down south, I didn’t know a lot of words and I had a bad accent. But Pro-Literacy Detroit helped me by going right to the cause of the problem. I’ve came a long way in words, breaking down syllables and using different sentences. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here.”

Rebecca Frowner


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